the best way to redecorate your house or container

Hey there again my house container buddies.

In this quick post today I want to share with you some ideas for the interior of your house container homes. These ideas and tips can be applied to any home in fact and are not just applicable to container homes.

If you’re reading this and you own a container, or are thinking about purchasing a few and converting them into a place to live, then there is a few things that I can assume about you.

I can assume that you are a forward thinking, energy, environment and economically conscious person. This is great! Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. With this in mind, I decided to apply these principles to the process of interior decoration too, assuming that you would find tips about interior decorations that are economically and environmentally feasible more useful and applicable to your lives that tips about how to buy the best gold brass beds and zebra skin rugs.

So, I have prepared some tips (in fact its only one but its all you need) for you. So, grab a brew, sit back, relax and let me inundate you with priceless information about renovating your container home into a palace.

So, my one most important tip? It’s simple, you should hire an interior designer. Ok, Ok, this may not seem fiscally viable to you at first but let me explain myself. I was going through a similar situation a few years ago, and after some consulting with my family members we decided it would be a good idea to hire an interior designer from leeds. Do you want to know how we came to this conclusion. Because we realised that hiring one would actually save us money. That’s right. You did hear me correctly.

What may people don’t know is that the expert knowledge that a professional interior designer contains in their creative heads can save you a huge amount of dough, from finding good deals on furniture and lights, to making sure you avoid paying too much on shipping of these items, to hooking you up with their personal contacts if you ever need to hire other professionals like an architect or a builder.
They really are integral and it’s something I strongly urge you do if you’re at this stage. Even their insight and ideas can help you form a better idea of what it is you exactly want for your home.

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Hello everyone! This is house containers, a place where you can come to learn all about container living. We’ll be offering you loads of tips such as how to source containers, best practices in terms of decoration and design, and tips on how to go about all of this in the cheapest way possible.

So come back soon, for our first full length post on containers!